Worst VPN providers? 3 examples how a VPN can screw you over


We often talk about the best and most secure VPN providers, but today it’s time to investigate the other side of the coin. Some software pretends to be a VPN only on paper. Using that disguise it can steal, sell and profit from your data, inject your device with spyware; adware and give you none of the promised protection and features. What are those and how to avoid them? Watch this video to find out!

00:00 Intro
1:10 Main differences between proxy and VPN
1:54 Your data with unsecure VPNs
3:00 Malware VPNs and their threats
3:39 Identifying malicious VPNs
4:45 Secure VPNs recommendations

🎯6 simultaneous connections
🎯Fast speeds, NordLynx protocol
🎯Effective at bypassing geo-blocks
🎯Kill switch
🎯Extensive leak protection to keep your IP hidden
🎯Blocks ads, trackers, and malware
🎯7-day free trial on Android, can be used on different devices after signup


🚀UNLIMITED simultaneous connections
🚀Fastest speeds with WireGuard protocol
🚀Unblocks most streaming platforms
🚀Provides torrenting support
🚀Kill switch
🚀7-day free trial on iOS, Android and macOS


⭐ Fully customizable kill switch
⭐ Privacy-oriented security suite
⭐ 5 simultaneous connections
⭐ WireGuard protocol
⭐ Camouflage mode
⭐ Bypasses firewalls
⭐ Public Wi-Fi protection


To wrap this up, I want to make you remember that free, too good to be true VPNs are often a carefully crafted trap. Do not underestimate the role of the VPN in network security.
We at Cybernews take the issue of data theft and malware injection very seriously and you should too. To avoid losing important information, revealing corporate secrets or just heavily embarrassing yourself, avoid any sketchy apps and try to stick with the reputable and certified VPN providers.
And remember, a lot of times If the product is free – actually you are the product.