LastPass | Password managers review 2021

LastPass is a solid password manager that fiercely competes for the top spot among the others. This password manager uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) which can range from “something that you have” (smartphone) to biometric data (fingerprint). You can use not only the in-house authenticator but also the one from YubiKey, Sesame, Google, or Microsoft.

You can install this password manager on all major platforms and a bunch of browsers. LastPass has extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Edge Legacy. While it doesn’t support Vivaldi or Brave, the same can be said about Dashlane.

Installing and using LastPass is easy. The company has also upgraded the import/export feature. It now works without an extra component, installing which often gave problems. The autofill and autosave features work very well – you won’t need to remember anything but your master password.

As for flaws, we could knock LastPass for the lack of actual 24/7 support. Even though LastPass states that premium users get priority support, that still means you will have to wait long enough if you’re in a different timezone.

On a brighter note, LastPass uses the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. They also state that neither your master password nor decryption keys are sent to LastPass servers and they have no means to access such data.

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