5G vs 4G REAL speed test results | Is it worth it??

📡 Today I will be answering a lot of overdue questions: Is 5G faster than 4G?
We hear a lot about 5G being the “future” of the internet. Some have said it’ll transform entire industries, others, it was designed to “weaken our immune systems.” Conspiracy theories aside, I really want to put 5G through its paces, and perform the ultimate 5G vs. 4G speed test.

0:00 Intro
1:50 5G VS 4G speed test
2:35 5G VS 4G download speed test
2:58 5G VS 4G while using Netflix
4:00 5G Hotspot speed test
4:34 How does 5G work?
5:28 Overview: 5G VS 4G
8:17 Is 5G worth it?

📡 5G vs 4G difference explained | Are the downfalls worth it? 📡

📶 The thing about 5G is that you need to be in direct view of a 5G cell tower to get reliable and fast speeds, if not this can affect the results. That’s why finding a prime location is always a priority. Our 5G vs 4G vs 3G speed tests concluded: the primary difference between these is the speed. The introduction of more bits-per-second being able to travel the network explains why 5G is faster in most cases. But we aren’t without issues here. I’m sure you’re no stranger to how long it took for 4G to spread across this planet.

📶 The country I’m currently in only has 5G in the bigger cities, if I go camping or out of town for a while I’d have tough luck finding a 5G connection. As I said, you’ve got to be in direct view of a 5G cell tower. 5G towers have a small range and can’t penetrate large buildings very well. The proper implementation just isn’t there yet and some people might find their phone switching in and out of 5G and 4G for those very reasons.

📶 Then there’s the elephant in the room – 5G security concerns. An increase in the so-called IoT devices – great for manufacturers, not so great for consumers. Cybersecurity is not often considered whilst making these low-end products. Leaving prime opportunity for ransomware attackers to gain access.

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